Tobacco Seed

Flue-Cured Varieties

GF 318 Yes Medium 84 E G HR 18 MR S R T 42 17.8
GL 939 Yes Med/Late 84 E G MR 20 HR S R T 41 17.7
K 149 Yes Late 84 E F MR 24 HR S R MT 44 18.9
K 326 Yes Late 87 E F LR 28 LR S R T 43 18.1
K 346 Yes Late 84 G G HR 7 HR S R T 43 18.0
K 394 Yes Early 83 F G HR 20 LR S S S 40 18.1
K 730 Yes Medium 84 F G HR 11 HR S R MT 42 17.5
NC 55 Yes Late 87 E G LR 35 MR S R N/A 42 17.5
NC 72 *Yes Late 85 E G VHR 35 MR S R N/A 44 17.8
NC 102 Yes Late 84 E F VHR 32 MR R R N/A 41 18.3
NC 196 Yes Late 86 E G VHR 13 MR S R N/A 44 17.9
NC 297 Yes Late 83 E F VHR 30 MR R R N/A 42 17.7
NC 471 Yes Late 83 E G VHR 11 VHR R R N/A 44 18.1
NC 606 Yes Early 85 E G MR 14 HR S R T 44 17.7
Other popular varieties available: Coker 48, Coker 176, Coker 319, Coker 371 Gold, CU 263, GL 26H, GL 737, K 358, K 399, NcNair 373, McNair 944, NC 37 NF, Oxford 207,and VA 116. Resistance Ratings R – Resistance, VHR – Very High Resistance, HR – High Resistance, MR – Moderate Resistance, LR – Low Resistance, S – Susceptible, T – Tolerance, MT – Moderate Tolerance, N/A – Not Available
The Plant Variety Protection Act prohibits the unauthorized use of all these protected varieties which have been granted protection or has been applied for.
* Black Shank ratings are for Race 0 of phytophthora parasitica var. Nicotianae; resistance to Race 1 may be considerably lower.
Read All Container Labels. They contain important conditions of sale, including limitations of warranty and remedy.

Ratings and descriptions are based on NC State University tobacco variety trials.

Certified Seed

The Certified label assures purity of contents, germination and genetic purity. Certified seed must be produced from foundation or registered seed.

K326 Jerry BrelandYou just can’t beat K 326 it’s the one everyone else judges their tobacco varieties by. We trade land with our neighbors to keep clean fields. K 326 works in our operation and that why a majority of our acres are planted with K 326.Jerry BrelandBreland Farms
Ruffin, SC
K 326
NC196 Jamie LanierThis is still the most favorable and remarkable tobacco on the market. We will continue planting a majority of our acres into NC196. This year NC 196 handled the hot and dry conditions and grew into a fine crop.Jamie LanierRandy Edwards Farms
Wendell, NC
NC 196
NC196 Cliff KeelWe have planted NC 196 every year since it was released and that is why it’s on a majority of our acres. We like its ease of management in the field plus it tolerates dry weather. For us we top it at 24 leaves for yield and quality. Companies just like NC 196.Cliff KeelKeel Brothers Farm
Robersonville, NC
NC 196
NC196 Linwood VickNC 196 is our main tobacco variety. It is performing well on all soils, yields are good and we like the quality. Cures bright orange and the disease resistance is good.Linwood VickVick Family Farms
Wilson, NC
NC 196
K326 Luke BlizzardAll of our K-326 was planted late and despite the hot and dry weather it still produced a nice plant and we topped it to 20-22 leaves. Every year it the last we harvest because of it’s late season holding ability.Luke BlizzardBlizzard Farms Inc.
Snow Hill, NC
K 326
GF318 Gray Lewis CoreyThis is the second year we have planted GF 318. There is nothing wrong with this tobacco. It grew off well in the greenhouse and it the field. Seems to be earlier to come off than NC 196. We got C grades on the X’s and B grades on the C’s. Cured up to a more orange color. We will plant more GF 318 and NC 196 on our farm next year.Gray & Lewis CoreyCorey Farms
Robersonville, NC
GF 318
GF318 Earl Robert DawsonOur GF 318 did very well handling the hot dry conditions this year. It’s a very rich fancy tobacco that will definitely fit the export market. We will be dropping other varieties and replace with GF 318. Next year we will plant only two varieties –GF 318 and NC196.Earl & Robert DawsonDawson Farms LLC
Stantonsburg, NC
GF 318
GF318 Clarence EmersonThis is a good overall tobacco. GF 318 will really respond to water and fills out. We had very good yields with GF 318 and it cured up easy and to a good clear orange color. We planted the NC 196 and the GF 318 at about the same time and were able to start stripping the GF 318 in August and let the NC 196 hold for later.Clarence EmersonEmerson Road Farms
Dryfork, VA
GF 318
K346 Mike PostonWe have planted K346 for the past 7 years as our main tobacco variety. Did not have a problem this year and it handled the weather well. We are on a four year rotation and that has worked well. For the coming year we will continue to plant K 346 and NC 196.Mike Poston Mullins, SCK 346
K346 Dupree Celia AtkinsK 346 has been very consistent and reliable variety. It’s a tobacco we always use in our mix. We are pleased with the quality and poundage.Dupree & Celia AtkinsMullins, SCK 346